This is an independent directory of flood protection products and services. It has been put together to advise and inform you about what’s available to help you protect your home or business against flooding. Whilst the National Flood Forum cannot endorse any of these products we are happy to provide this resource to help you make informed decisions.

One word of caution: where there is a risk of flooding to a depth of more than 0.9m, keeping water out can sometimes do more harm than good. The pressure of water against your property may cause structural damage to the building itself. You can also read the Environment Agency’s guidance on buying products here.


  • Southeast Flood Defence
    Southeast Flood Defence
  • Fluvial Innovations Ltd
    Fluvial Innovations Ltd
  • Stormguard Floodplan
    Stormguard Floodplan
  • Flood Kits - Emergency Preparedness Kits - Go Bags from
    Flood Kits - Emergency Preparedness Kits - Go Bags from
  • Ayaan Special Projects
    Ayaan Special Projects

Recently Added Listings

  • DefenCell


    Defencell is a range of lightweight and highly effective geotextile flood barriers for expedient or permanent protection.

  • Easifit Ventguard

    Easifit Ventguard

    Easifit Ventguard is a high quality air brick flood cover made of stainless steel. It requires no fixings or DIY work and can be fitted in less than 30 seconds.

  • Stormguard Floodplan

    Stormguard Floodplan

    When it comes to flood protection Stormguard Floodplan offer complete flood protection for homes and businesses.

  • Pell Frischmann

    Pell Frischmann

    Flood resilience surveys for all types of properties - from a single house to a large commercial building (No job too small!) Realistic rates! Flood Risk Assessments for Developers (FRA’s Flood Insurance Surveys and Reports Assessment and Advice for Critical Infrastructure in Flood Risk Areas Emergency Planning Advice and Business Continuity (before and after flooding). FREE advice on flood protection and suitability of flood protection products – just call us for advice on any aspect of flooding – we are always happy to help you solve your flooding problems.

  • Cluttons LLP

    Cluttons LLP

    Cluttons property specialists, in conjunction with Hydrock Consultants specialist flood risk team, have developed a unique three-stage assessment to confirm the risk of flooding and calculate the predicted flood level to individual properties. The assessment incorporates hydrological and hydraulic modelling together with site visits and survey information. We ultimately deliver bespoke solutions to mitigate, manage and minimise flood risk for individual properties. This approach is welcomed by the insurance industry. Without accurate flood level information an effective decision making process to address flood risk is impossible. We are pleased to provide this service specifically to commercial and industrial premises.